Camp Organizers

DrupalCamp Singapore is organized by Drupal Developer Network (Singapore)
Officially registered with Registry of Societies 30/01/2012 - Registration number T12SS0015F .

The people organizing the camp are:

- Sven Berg Ryen
- Maung Maung
- Tomomi Yamano (山野友美)
- Joe Chin
- Pratomo Ardianto
- Mattias Wiking

The Singapore Drupal community is one of the Asia’s most active Drupal user groups.

Monthly meetings in Singapore can be found at, and we are always happy to host Drupal folk who are visiting Singapore from lands afar!

We are always looking for contributions from anyone with an interest in Web-development with Drupal and the integration of Emerging Web technologies with Drupal.

Join us at DrupalCamp or join us at our monthly Meetups!